Cute Easter Bunny heels

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Guess who's coming to town soon..... the Easter Bunny! And he will bring a lot, a loooot of jummy Easter eggs again (or well, I hope so).

Anyway, wouldn't it be nice if you could welcome him, wearing your most gorgeous Easter outfit? A beautiful yellow dress. Your cutie shirt with tiny little young chickens. Or your sweater with a fluffy bunny print. Hmm, talking about bunnies, I've found something to complete your Easter outfit: Bunny heels!

The heel has been replaced by a cutie bunny. These shoes come in different colors. And they cost about €117,27. Hmm, while I'm writing this post, I wonder if the Easter Bunny would really like this shoe. Maybe he'll feel offended, because uhmm... you're standing on a bunny... Anyway, if you like this shoe, you should check out the website of Irregular Choice.

 Source: irregular choice

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